This popular and prolific Los Angeles artist strongly believes that communicating his thoughts and feelings through his artistic creations to an international audience is the key to his success and happiness as an artist. “Chick” (as he is known to his friends) has had continued success with his wildlife, abstract and surrealistic paintings.

Like his idols, Michelangelo, Vincent Van Gogh and Picasso, he continues to seek understanding through experimentation. Recently, his work has reflected his passionate views about our planet and its conservation. “I want to make a point,” he explains, “but I want people to enjoy the art at the same time.”

Mr. Bragg studied at the University of California at Los Angeles, Pierce College and Los Angeles City College. He has taught computer graphics, painting, lithography and etching, and he is adept in a variety of media, including pencil, pastel, oil, acrylic, watercolor and gouache painting. His work has been exhibited inter―nationally in galleries and as illustrations for magazines and environmental conservation campaigns.