Born in the famous port of El Callao in Peru in 1962, Danko was greatly influenced by his parents who were professional dancers and lovers of the graphic arts. Since very little Danko was exposed to the works of the best Peruvian painters, some of them being very strong and dramatic. His brother and sister became artists, as well. Danko graduated from the Escuela de Bellas Artes de Lima. He also studied Peruvian Dances at the Centro Folklorico del Magisterio Alejandro Vivanco Guerra. His professional experience includes being an art teacher at the Escuela Superior de Formación Artística de San Pedro de Cajas and being in charge of the areas of Social Projection and Administration of the E. S. F. A. Among his most important exhibitions should be mentioned: October 1994 - “Muestra Pintorica de la EXPCONEA 1994”. Department of Art and Culture of the Central National University Huancayo – Perú August 1993 - Exposition of handcrafts “Tapices” Centro Cultural Inca Garcilazo de la Vega, Lima - Perú March 1993 - “Salon Anual” Prom 1992 Museo de la Nación, Lima - Perú January 1993 - “ II Salon Anual” Prom 1992 Cesar Vallejo. Sala de la Cultura del Banco Wiese, Lima - Perú December 1992 - “Anuario 1992” Salón de Actos-ambiente de la Escuela de Bellas Artes, Lima - Perú November 1992 - “First Exposition of Young Artist” Oscar Quiñonez Gallery, Lima - Perú -“Jovenes Valores” Encuentro con el Arte Gallery, Ica - Perú September 1991- “In honour of San Francisco de Asis” Auspiciado por el Club de la Unión de Lima - Perú September 1990- “Daniel Hernández” Huancavelicanos Artists. Casa Osambela February 1990- “Bodegones de Estudiantes de Artes” National Association of Artists, Lima. - “Mancha Gris” Propuesta de Jovenes Pintores Casa Osambela.