Franck. L was born in France in 1944.  His works are in the permanent collection of the Musuem of Modern Art in Paris.

The canvasses of Franck. L, bathed in light, express the total freedom with which he reveals his sensitivity.  It is in the sweep of the painter's stroke that his taste and his warm embrace of life find this need to escape and to discover the world which confines him.

Gifted with an innate vitality, he will vary his subjects infinitely according to his inspiration.  But there is something within him unchanging: his talent for close observation of his contemporaries, whom he depicts, if needs be, in other places, other times.  The pleasure is one of marrying the decor or the garments of a golden past with the style and constraints of the present day.

Thus he likes to paint his contemporary young women in the pose and dress of another era.  Dangerous as this exercise may be, this pleasure in invention is what allows him to assuage his irrepressible thirst for freedom.  Each one of his canvasses is thus a bearer of dreams, of poetry and of present reality.