Jorn Fox, a Southern California resident was exposed to art at an early age by his father. He began his formal art studies in High School and successively at California State University , Fullerton . Through the many hours spent in his studio, he found he was afforded the opportunity of limitless expression, exploration, and discovery in the maturation of his art.

For 25 years, Jorn Fox has drawn inspiration from the varied terrain of the Southern California coast and its unique people. Indeed though he has a signature characteristic elegance of style, each of his paintings are distinct from one another, as are the various stunning locales, peoples, and moments that inspire them.

Working with palette knife and brush, Jorn is able to evoke serenity and stillness in his works, simultaneously creating liveliness and motion. This can be witnessed in his forever expanding collection inclusive of Costal, Jazz, Captured Moments and Tavern series. Each image is discernable by his striking use of color and copiously rich ensemble of texture and layered paints.