Kerfily is as refreshing and spirited as his paintings. he creates enticing images through bold palettes and captivating compositions. Inspired by the beauty of the landscapes that surround him, Kerfily paints with a bright, pure palette. he is a colorist of great talent with a very strong capability of capturing nature at its very best..

Kerfily, born and raised in Normandy, showed an early artistic talent demonstrating his ability to create compositions with a unique freshness. He discovered at th age of 25 in the artistic headquarter of Montmartre, where he had his first exhibition at the prestigious Salon de Paris.

Inspired by the Mediterranean, the South of France, Corsica, and Greece, his enthusiasm for his art is fully evident in his windswept seascapes and timeless, sun-dappled village scenes. Noted for his power to evoke emotion, opulence of light and distinctive color harmonies, Kerfily translates the ordinary moment into the magical, inviting us to be revitalized by the world's simple pleasures. he is recognized for the color schemes of vibrant primary hues. He uses it masterfully to capture the feeling of a majestic burst of sunshine.

Kerfily's paranormas continue to draw accolades; he has received a silver and gold Medal from France. his work is included in collections worldwide, including Musee d'art Modem de Bocham and the Grand Palais a Paris. The artist has been honored by galleries around the world having shown exhibitions in Paris, St. Germain-en-Laye, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Tokyo, North America, and Australia to mention a few.