Gino Perez, born in 1977 in Highland Park, Ca., is a 3rd generation Los Angeles Mexican American.  Growing up Gino was surrounded by art. His father was an artist who would spend hours at an easel drawing and painting; his mother is an avid arts and crafts enthusiast.  Gino was a shy child until he found a love for skateboarding which brought him into a whole new light.  He immersed himself into perfecting his skill and at the age of 17 he began traveling the world as a professional skateboarder with such notables as Mark Gonzalez.

It was through his travels that Gino came into contact with the works of Picasso, Miro and Basquiat. Gino was inspired to pursue a new passion, expressing himself through art. His creativity blossomed into fashion design, painting/drawing and writing. Gino’s works are both timely and timeless - social commentaries that are as much a public call to arms as they are contemplative and private.

His genuine expression and everyday creative approach to life have earned him a following among local art and fashion enthusiasts. His fine collection of work is pure and true to his theory of life: “The grey area is where we belong.”  Gino hopes his art will inspire others to be comfortable with their own story and background and be motivated to express themselves creatively.

Thank You For Asking, Los Angeles, Ca
Axiom Gallery, Santa Monica, Ca
New Image Art Gallery, West Hollywood, Ca
Rhabbitat Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca
Pop Up Art Show, RPB Studio, Los Angeles, Ca

The Brewery, Los Angeles, Ca
Frank Gehry Building, Santa Monica, Ca
Venice Heights, Marina Del Rey, Ca
California Heritage Museum, Santa Monica, Ca

Voyage LA

Thrasher Magazine
TransWorld SKATEboarding
Fun Magazine

Commonwealth Proper

KTLA Interview, 2019